The Lodge

Los Notros is the only lodge looking out at the Perito Moreno glacier, girdled by a peerless landscape where only the sounds of nature can be heard.
A privileged witness of this Patagonian paradise, it shares with its guests the essence of its philosophy: enjoying nature in perfect harmony.
No matter where you may find yourself in this cosy lodge, the majesty of the glacier will always be within view thanks to the privileged location of Los Notros and its particularised architectural design.

The fantastic Perito Moreno glacier reigns over the waters of the Lago Argentino, rising an impressive 70 meters, spanning 5 kms and spreading over an area of 257 km2. The lodge is perched on the Peninsula de Magallanes facing this unique natural sight, a landscape that exceeds your imagination.

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Los Notros

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